Is Quebec’s cash-for-visa program hurting housing affordability in B.C.?

An immigration backdoor that’s helping thousands of millionaires move into Quebec is also costing taxpayers in B.C. and exacerbating the housing affordability crisis in Metro Vancouver, according to critics. Quebec’s popular Immigrant Investor Program gives wealthy foreigners a fast-track to life in Canada provided they fork over an interest-free loan of $800,000 to the province. […]

EB-5 Backers Hope Reform Can Save ‘Buy-a-Visa’ Program

Dallas attorney Shae Armstrong says the government’s troubled EB-5 program — an increasingly controversial initiative that offers wealthy foreigners a visa in exchange for a $500,000 investment in the U.S. — can be fixed. “I’m still holding out hope,” said Armstrong, who represents clients involved in EB-5, or Employment-Based Fifth Preference, projects. “We’re so close to getting it […]

Silicon Valley Pushes Against Federal Visa Restrictions

(TNS) — Amin Shokrollahi couldn’t wait to lecture at an electronics conference in San Francisco. The annual gathering of top tech minds, investors and customers was the perfect place for the German-Iranian professor to gain support for his startup. But before he could make his trip to the January forum, Shokrollahi discovered his permission to travel to […]

Chinese Investors Finance Trump-Branded Kushner Tower in Exchange for Visas

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has fixated on China’s increasing economic influence as exemplary of America’s failure to win anymore. He has not, however, thus far mentioned Chinese investors’ involvement in financing a Trump-branded tower in New Jersey being built by his son-in-law. The promotional video above, part of a marketing campaign for Kushner […]